2019 News!

I made the announcement via Facebook and Instagram but figured I’d need to do it here also - I am fully booked for 2019! I apologize! I guess it’s a semi-sorta good problem to have…

My plate is full of weddings and I’m rounding out the last little bits of photoshoot things I have in place for the next couple of months. Ya’ll have made me a busy lady and I appreciate that so much!

It is still the thicket of wedding season though so email things are still taking at least a week to get replied to - possibly more with things like 3 - 4 wedding weekends…

I am trying to dedicate Mondays to Me Mondays - meaning no business things but self care things! I gotta be mentally sound to take care of ya’ll and not make any silly errors. Some self care tips - get some sunlight! Go get a massage. Netflix and Chill. Treat yo’self. Go have your favorite lunch by yourself. Face masks! Gym time. Whatever delights your heart <3

ALSO - Please keep communication things to email only! Messages get lost in Instagram! Email lets me track easily and I dont always use the Facebook Messages via the business page!

Afton Johnson