2020 News!

It’s only the end of February 2019…and we’re talking about big news for the first few months of 2020! I’m here to announce that I am booked e v e r y Saturday from Jan 4th - March 21st in 2020! Holy cowww - what even?? In those first few months, I’ve got plenty of Orlando and New Smyrna dates to keep me busy - but let’s throw in there The Keys, Homestead, and now St. Augustine! I’m so excited and ready. This is really awesome. And all thanks to you guys!

For the next…3 months (that’s how booked I am now!) Thursday, Friday and Saturday are dedicated wedding days and emailing will be rather sparse during this time frame. I’ve got these dope brides to focus on and I know you’d want the same come your big day!

Yes, as of right now, you’ll notice my initial questionnaire email will say - responses are at about a week out - this is part of the reason why; weddings! So I do Greatly appreciate yall’s patience with me! I promise it’s alllll worth it.

Afton Johnson