Bad News Bears...sorta...

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day! Or, lack there of…”But Afton, what are you even talking about?” I won’t be participating in Valentine’s Day this year! Whyyy?!? I have a wedding ON Valentine’s Day! So I will be focusing on all things wedding related for Miss Miranda! I also have another wedding on the 16th, for Miss Megan!

I apologize friends! But I repeat - I will NOT be taking any orders for Valentine’s Day.

I am getting very booked for the rest of the year folks. Im almost out of dates and booking into 2020! So please, reach out as soon as possible - even if you have a tentative date. We can work something out!

Also - I will be taking Sundays for myself to catch up on all things non flower related - like laundry, meal prep, Java cuddles, etc. I appreciate yall for understanding! I gotta be whole to take care of yall!

Afton Johnson