Photo by Winship Photography

Photo by Winship Photography

The Tiny Creator

Hello friends! I am the creator of all of these babes and if you haven't noticed by name and designs, I'm a little different! Pronounced af-tun, I still get Ashley, Ashton, and my favorite - Austin. My name matches my dynamic personality!

"But Afton, how did you get into florals?" Glad you asked! Craigslist! Yup - that handy dandy website led me to the person I refer to as my mentor. I saw the listing for a designer and figured, hey, I know the art world and color things, I could do this! Amanda (that's my mentor) asked me to bring in artwork since I mentioned having an art background and I was a black and white phase at the time...didn't really think about it when I showed up. She hired me and that was that! Sort of...

I learned a lot working under Amanda, but unfortunately she had to close her shop up. And then I stumbled upon an ad for an administrative assistant for a tattoo studio - insert all of my tattoos here. Sorry mom! I learned pretty much everything about how a business works, marketing and advertising from becoming the Operations Manager of Studio Thirteen. But I found myself taking apart Publix flowers and making them better in my free time. I wanted to create. My lovely bo (beau, not boo) knew this and would push me and ask me constantly, what do you want to with your life? Why not create? Why not open a shop? Why not start a business? Because that's scary, duh. But - if you're dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!

One day he gave me a key, just some random key he had picked up while demoing a building. He said to close my eyes and tell him what my shop looked liked. I wanted big windows, so people could see what I was doing. But that's all I had in mind. He told me to hang it in a spot I could see it every day and think about my shop, every day. So it hangs on my rearview mirror. He was the kick in the booty to set things in motion. I got down on one knee one day while my mentor was doing flowers for someone else and asked her, with a rose in my mouth, "Will you be my mentor?" She laughed at me, called me a dork, and said yes. My mom let me take over her house and garage and that's how I started!

My little seed has grown into something amazing and my roots are spreading. I'm always up for travel and creating the unique and different things. I call it collaborating with my brides because we're working together. You tell me your vision, I incorporate my style, and we've got amazing floral productions that take place! So let's start cookin', shall we?

Photo by Winship Photography

Photo by Winship Photography




599 Sherwood Ave. #210, Satellite Beach, FL 32937


Likes: Puppers, kittehs, pizza, tacos, sunshine, the ocean, naps, lifting weights, painting, AHS, Key Lime Pie

Dislikes: Cheese (yeah I know), migraines, cardio, reality TV, hot coffee, repetitive noises, scary movies, sharing my food


How tall are you? 5'1 and a quarter.

Your name is so unique - where'd it come from? Thanks, I got it for my birthday. Momma dukes went TDY (government lingo for business-cation) to Jackson Hole, WY and stumbled upon the town of Afton. Said I'd be Afton if I was a boy or girl - glad I'm a girl.

Do you do baby showers/bridal showers/every day arrangements/funeral/engagement shoot/holiday arrangements? Yes to all of the above!

Do my parents get flowers? If you want them to! Grandma and Grandpa too! And yes, you can include step-parents or people that are like parents! All up to you.

Where does Fern and Curl come from? Amanda introduced me to these little babes called fern curls. They're small, weird, and brown - like me!

Do you have insurance? Heck yes.

I like your piercing - did it hurt? No, it's natural and it's called a beauty mark. Thanks...

Did you get the ear piercings for the headaches? Heck yes I did and you should too if you're a sufferer.

Are cocktail hour and reception the same? Nope! Two different things - cocktail is where you have your guests congregate for drinks before entering the place where they sit, eat, and dance; the reception.

Do I get a toss bouquet? Lord - yes. I have THE biggest heart attacks when I see pictures of you throwing YOUR bouquet.

What time do you show up on my day? As early as I’m allowed! Some venues have time restrictions but generally the earlier the better - just in case!

Do you deliver my flowers? Suureeee do! Unless otherwise discussed, count on me or my crew showing up to your venue! Heh, that ryhmed.

Do you work with silk? Sorry brochachos - that’s a negative.

Photo by Oak and Iron

Photo by Oak and Iron