Time Flies

Already the end of March?! Say whatttt…

So if you’re checking this out now and there’s still time - Sunday is a bridal show at Dragon Fly Farms! From 2PM to 5PM! Check it out here to get your tickets!

Travel news!

So from April 10th - 13th, we will be in my most favorite city ever - Savannah, GA! We will be taking care off Heather who seems to have waited so long for this day! She found me via Rhonda’s wedding I did back in October of 2017 at Tybee Island. Always bring me back to Savannah - mk?

Then - communication will go silent - because we’re cruising to Cuba the 22nd - 27th! Eeeee! It was my bo’s Christmas gift aka mine too. We’re so excited - any travel tips? Email me! So don’t freak if you don’t hear from me during that week - we are not getting the internet package so we can both enjoy the ocean breeze and the new destination.

Just wanted to give y’all a heads up on that - I will be posting when we leave and have my email reminder set just in case y’all shoot a message - I’ll see it upon my return to work things the 29th!

We’re almost there with wedding season…meaning…it’s like the halfway point - the end of the tunnel is almost there! We can just…feel…it…aka come June - the whole month will be taken off! For travel, for leisure, for moving purposes - more to come on that ;) So hang tight yall! Still a one woman show for email things. Try to do what I can with all of the weddings and projects going on! Appreciate cha!

Afton Johnson