May Day

Just kidding - also I’m late anyway since that was yesterday, ha.

Lots of recapping to do!

April consisted of traveling to my most favorite city for Heather’s big day - Savannah! My bo was born just outside so we visited his mom and grandma while we were in town. Get me out there smore!

Had a week in town, celebrated my bo’s birthday, and then ran off to Cuba on a cruise! Which was his Christmas gift! We sailed Royal Caribbean for 5 days, leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale, with a pit stop in Key West (LOVE those blue waters), and then Havana the next day. Highly recommend taking a cruise as an adult if you did as a youngblood and especially to another country to appreciate the culture! Best moment? Speaking only Spanish to the cigar shop employee…

And here we are in May! What big news do we have for May? We’re moving the shop! Smack into the heart of the Eau Gallie Arts District, across from my fave babes - The Salty Fox. Even more news? We’re sharing the space with Winship Photography! Wedding photographer, headshots, family sessions, engagement, even house photographer for realtors! We got the keys and are going to start trickeling in over the next month. Stay tuned for more news there!

Mother’s Day - if you follow my Facebook page - I mentioned there I need orders by 5/3, this Friday. That is the cutoff date! Sorry folks but I got my own momma to take out and 4 weddings that weekend!

And don’t forget too - I’m fully booked until May of next year… Don’t ever think you’re asking too early for your wedding! I even have a few inquiries for 2021! So let’s get on it!

Afton Johnson