Which Way is Up?

How is November around the corner?! What. Happened…

Well folks, I’m only one lady handling 98% of all this now, but the computer work is all me. So please oh please, hang tight! My bo whisked me away on a surprise trip to my favorite place to get a quick break before the real craziness starts. So I’m a tad behind on emails but I’m working on it! Slowly but surely chipping away.

So my response time may take a bit longer than a week. I work best with email! DM’s get pushed down from story responses, mentions, etc .etc. Phone calls can be hard in the daytime but better in the late afternoon/evening. But email is the way to go for me - easy reference guide and quick for me to find/respond to.

I do have some really amazing galleries to upload too so check back soon!

Starting Halloween - I will be focusing on my 4 weddings taking place. So there will be no responding to messages at this time until the very end of the day. The following weekend will also be a doozy - 3 weddings. But I can’t wait to show you all the creations we have come up with for all of these weddings!

Appreciate your patience as always!

Afton Johnson