It's Wedding Season!

4 weddings the first weekend in November, 3 the second weekend, we have the Downtown Melbourne Food and Wine Fest the third weekend, Turkey Day in Tampa followed by a Black Friday wedding, 3 weddings the first weekend in December, and 2 weddings the second week! PHEW!

So please remember, emails/messages are at LEAST a week response time! It’s just little ole me responding to everything and I still have class and I’m in my final countdown at my real job! That’s right - I’m joining the FULLY self employed crew as of December 1st! Im so excited…mainly because I can devote all of my time - to you! Win-win for everybody yall.

If you’re looking for a live Christmas Wreath - I do have some still available to order! If you’re interested, shoot me a message over on Let’s Collaborate page. They are REAL and I can decorate them in all the colors with some ribbon and small round ornaments.

And hey look at these neat features! On Orange Blossom Bride - twice!, The Bride Link, Wedding Chicks, Off Beat Bride, Hey Wedding Lady

Afton Johnson