Busy Bee

Iiiiiiiiit’s wedding season (like Beetlejuice voice since it’s Halloween time and all)! That means a wedding every weekend - sometimes two! Or…four…like I have in November. Woo! We got this. But what else does that mean? Messaging is going to take a minute! So I appreciate all of the patience. I’m on about a week response time at the moment, especially with cooking up invoices. I promise I’m worth the wait!

Also - friendors! I will be backing off of photoshoots for the time being. I’ve got so many brides I need to focus on in the next 6 months and more inquiries are coming! So photoshoots will be on the back burner other than those that are already planned right now <3

One more thing - I updated my pictures! And I also made 2 sections for albums - one for real weddings and one for photoshoots! I’ll also be adding another section showcasing maternity stuff, corporate things, everything not wedding related pretty much. Because you can add flowers to just about any event!

Afton Johnson