September Recap

Life sure does happen fast huh?

Couple of quick bullet points for ya:

9/12 - We were featured over at Wedding Chicks! Click here to check out that magic.

9/15 - We were featured on The Coordinated Bride for the Marie Antionette shoot in January! This shoot has actually got quite a bit of exposure this year! Peep it here!

We had Miss Kayla’s wedding day at Ever After Farms on Septembe 16th filled with Juliet garden roses and succulents galore. And the following weekend was Miss Arefah’s glorious day filled with stunning yellows. I CANNOT wait from pictures from both of those to share!

Miss Courtney’s big day was the first day of fall, someone I’ve known since middle school! We planned a super non traditional walk down the aisle. Her father passed away so her brothers ‘walked’ her down…she has 6 and they stood at the ends of the aisles with a small arrangement they would hand off to her to help build her bouquet! Held at her mom’s house, all of the awesome family vibes were present.

The last wedding of September was Miss Asiana’s over at the Royal Crest Room where I got to see my super rad twin! Love working with my friendors.

October is busy busy! So please allow anywhere from a week to two weeks for invoices!

Oh yeah - we got featured today too! Ever After has a little sister barn, the Peach Barn! And a shoot we did there for promo work got featured at Orange Blossom Bride! Lookie lookie! And Happy First Day of Halloween!

Afton Johnson